What a time to be alive.


Comedy Republic is almost here. We are all in need of a devastatingly hard laugh and as luck would have it, Melbourne's next home of comedy has a membership program for the true lovers of all things comedy. 


You've stumbled upon this extraordinary opportunity to support from the very start what will be the most eclectic, diverse and authentic array of Comedy, live performances, collaborative shows, podcasts, and inexplicable Comedy events that will stain your memories with joy like bolognese on a shirt. 


As a Citizen, you will not only be giving your invaluable financial support to our fledgling Republic at this the most uncertain times, but will also receive treasures beyond your wildest dreams! (however not beyond me listing them below...)  


As a Citizen you get...

  • Citizen Only Ticket Pricing 
    For some events, Citizens will get access to deals and discounts only available to Citizens of the Republic - not just any pleb that walks in off the street.

  • 10% off all streams 
    We are living in, well, I guess now they are now 'precedented times' and so you can expect to see a lot more shows streaming from Comedy Republic. As a Citizen you will receive a 10% discount on all streams.

  • Access to Early Bird Tickets and Priority Booking
    You'll be granted Pre-Sale Access to ALL shows – which will be especially invaluable with our current limited COVID-Safe capacity! Keep a keen eye out for our email updates to snap up your seats.


  • Free Drink in your Birthday Week
    In your birthday week, Citizens will be treated to a free drink from our undeniably delectable bar offering. The delicious drink can come from our wine list, beer list, or any other list we've concocted by then.


  • Friend and Family Bonuses
    You will get a $5 voucher for every single new paid-up citizen you send our way


One of the greatest ways of supporting us is buying a shirt! They're a double winner: they keep the theatre alive during lockdown and keep you comfy in Organic AS Colour style. 

Very limited edition! 

Gender neutral tees, stocked in small, medium, large and extra large. Shipped via registered post. 



Sport a pin on your jacket collar or spice up a plain tee with your own Comedy Republic "Crown" Enamel Pin. 

Shipped via registered post. 



Opening a theatre during a global pandemic isn't easy. Your support will foster Comedy Republic as a truly unique venue. 

Live and Streaming from

231 Bourke St, Melbourne, 3000

Say hi at or
call us between 10am and 4pm on weekdays on 0402 011 332