Opening a theatre and bar during a pandemic isn't easy, but we are taking the highest of precautions to ensure our guests, artists, and staff are all COVID Safe - including shifting everything online during the lockdowns.


When we are open, we kindly ask if you are experiencing ANY symptoms whatsoever, that you postpone your attendance - we are more than happy to transfer your tickets to a later date at no extra cost - just call us on 0402 011 332.


Here are some of the measures we are putt in place already to keep things covid-safe, but when industry guidelines are released for the new steps these will be adjusted accordingly:


  • The theatre is 100sq metres, and normally holds 150, but will be limited to government restrictions. Seats will be arranged around tables according to your group size. Each group will have 1.5 metres between them.

  • There is a separate entry and exit to the theatre. 

  • Sanitising stations will be set up at the venue's entry, exit, and in the theatre. 

  • The theatre, entry and exit will be cleaned thoroughly between each show. This includes the seats, tables, handrails, bathrooms, doorknobs, green room, staff room, and anything that could get touched.

  • We encourage use of the COVID Safe App to strengthen contact tracing. 


  • All snacks are individually packed (such as Maltesers and Pringles). 

  • Contactless payment only. 

  • Table service only after check-in



  • Taking names and contacts of all guests even though some info has been given already through our ticketing system (we can't be sure someone hasn't given their ticket to a friend). Information taken only as required by law and will not be used for anything else, and destroyed after 28 days. 

  • Face masks to be worn at all times.

  • Aircon is left on, not only constantly pushing air out of the space, but keeping everyone at a lovely temperature.


  • Face masks to be worn by everyone except performers on stage.

  • Daily health checks of all staff. 

  • All staff and artists are encouraged to be connected to the COVID Safe App to strengthen contact tracing. 

  • Artists have their own microphones which are disinfected between sets. 

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